Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, the creative genius

 Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, the creative genius

With the passing away of Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing, the creative world and the nation has lost a person who was creative, unique and transformational in his own unique way. Pain has been numbed with the Covid 19 pandemic crisis with death featuring prominently every single day. Today the numbness was gone, and I felt the pain when I was tearing on hearing the news of the passing away of this creative legend and icon.

The man saw things differently. He transformed education in his own way. Edward De Bono coined lateral thinking; Tony Buzan developed mind mapping but this enigmatic and as some would call eccentric genius lived the principles of creativity. The pursuit of making people creative was evident in his every single pursuit. Brave and bold, he named his University the Lim Kok Wing University focusing on creativity and taking the message globally. He did not teach creativity, he imbibed creativity into every single student who passed through the corridors of his university. The convocations and being welcomed at his campus were inspirational events that can never be experienced elsewhere.

I only got to know him about 12 years ago. And, while I cannot say that I knew him too well, there is one thing I would dare say, he made a profound impression on friends and foes alike. As a young kid I had been captivated by his impeccable copywriting that flew across straight to the heart. I used to wonder how he is able to write such copy. People would wait for him for days to generate the copy that made a difference to their business.  The deep conversations, I was very fortunate to have had with him, were very intellectual. Every single time I met him, I left learning something valuable. He was tenacious in what he wanted, a persistent task master; his generosity outpaced the flaws he might have had.

It was a privilege to be able to honour him with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asia HRDCongress 2009. I still remember fondly all his greetings at every festive season. His is a life well lived and I am sure he would want all of us to celebrate his life.

Thank You Sir for making most of us believe that there is no such thing as impossible.

Go and conquer the world, you would say.

Rise above the din, you would plead.

Be magnanimous you would campaign.

Thank You Sir for all the unparalleled teaching and wise words you left for us.

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