Stuck in the Middle – Second Episode: Adam Grant’s book – Think Again

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast. There are many times when we find ourselves in ambivalent positions. Stuck in the Middle explores psychological issues – divergent views on issues that matter most to us.

In this two-part podcast we will review some of the core ideas on thinking and key concepts from organisational psychologist and Wharton Professor Adam Grant’s best seller book Think Again with our eminent panelists – Harith Iskandar and Dato Satinah Syed Salleh, Malaysia’s eminent educator.

Thinking is a cognitive process based on our existing knowledge but in a world dominated by change, Adam Grant says there maybe another set of cognitive skills that may mean more – the ability to rethink and unlearn.

If knowledge is Power, knowing what we don’t know is Wisdom.

The book is divided into four parts:

1. Individual Rethinking – Updating our own views

2. Interpersonal Rethinking – opening other people’s minds

3. Collective Rethinking

4. Escaping Tunnel Vision

The seed for this podcast was due to Harith Iskandar’s comedy about thinking in schools. With Harith Iskandar’s powerful comedy and Dato Satinah Syed Salleh’s pensive thoughts we explore Thinking and Rethinking and how to open our minds and other people’s minds to make this world a better place.

Part 1: Click here to watch the full video

Part 2: Click here to watch the full video

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