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Inducted into the Hall of Fame of the distinguished Madras School of Social Work

Was humbled on being inducted into the Hall of Fame of the distinguished Madras School of Social Work along with fellow alumni legendary contributors – was equally delighted to see another two of my classmates Paul and Annie Namala being inducted into the Hall of Fame. The small group included three of us from our…

December 6, 2023
Life Experiences

Emotional Upheavals

Life is defined strangely by death. James Shirley’s hauntingly philosophical poem ‘Death is a leveller’ had a profound impression on me as a high school student. My teacher Jesuit priest Father Maceido persuasively articulated how humans travel into an immortality mindset only to recognise the power of mortality with death.                 ‘There is no armour…

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Click here to listen to podcast SMR Technologies Chairman & CEO Dato’ Dr R Palan discusses the following questions: BUSINESS PLAN – REVENUE STREAMS OPERATIONS GROWTH – EXPANSION CORPORATE – PLC – EXERCISES FINANCIALS Source:

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University of Cyberjaya enters new partnership with DXN

CYBERJAYA: The University of Cyberjaya (UoC) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DXN Holdings Berhad to foster academic-industry collaboration for the promotion, as well as to conduct science and non-science research on the Ganoderma mushroom based products. UoC established in 2005 achieved a 5-star rating in the latest QS rankings and is well-recognised for…

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Up The Ranks: Captain Rajalingam & Tan Sri Dr. Palan Are Making Big Waves In Malaysia

Malaysian maritime giant shipping, MISC has recently announced the new appointment of Captain Rajalingam Subramaniam as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) replacing the current group president and CEO Yee Yang Chien, effective from 1st Oct 2022.  With an array of accolades to his name, the 56-year-old began his career at sea and came ashore in 1996…

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UKM: Palan Conferred Honorary Doctorate

The National University of Malaysia (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) confers an Honorary Doctorate (Entrepreneurship Education) on Tan Sri Dato Dr. Palan, today (26th November 2022).

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Education keeping the flame burning perpetually in Bhutan linking GNH economics demands that they manage Nature better

I visited the Kingdom of Bhutan and learned from Excellency Lyonpo Thakur S Powdyel, its former Minister of Education who’s leading a team of architects of the Green School, that “The education sector had found a prominent place in Bhutan’s development history, since the first five-year plan in 1961. As Bhutan galloped on the development…

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Education & Inequality

Introduction: Education & Inequality Over the last two months, I had written on two areas – Work and Politics.  Saying Goodbye to 9 to 5 was on the changing world of work and the Politics of Big Tent was on the need to embrace diversity in politics. Look at for the articles. As a…

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Work/Human Capital

Goodbye 9 to 5 workday – is it the end of the commute

As I was walking by the desk of my colleague, I happened to stumble upon a copy of the Journal EDGE produced by the Institute of Leadership and Management, United Kingdom. The headline Goodbye 9 to 5 – is it the end of the commute stopped me for a minute. I borrowed the copy of…

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Entrepreneurial Journey

Staying Productive The last few weeks were beginning to feel depressing because of the Covid 19 pandemic crisis, the recurring lockdowns, and the political intrigues. So, I started writing to remain productive. I have written so far on Work, Education, Politics and Life Experiences, having left The Entrepreneurial Journey for now. Destination and journeys Many…

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