Getting To Denmark

October 22, 2023 1 min to read

Malaysia has been on the grip of a political soap opera for most of the week. Just never understood in a rational way why these events took place except by explaining it was politics at its worst. Most citizens were tired of the entire episode. There were arguments for all sides of the political divide.

Finally, Tan Sri Muhiyuddin Yassin has been nominated as the 8th Prime Minister. He is a spiritual and courageous person who has not been frightened to speak his mind when the situation warrants it. He has demonstrated a willingness to stand up for the people many times in the past.

I sincerely hope with his live for the nation he can lead Malaysia into a good society as Professor Fukuyama says it – ‘ getting to Denmark’.

Fukuyama used this concept to refer to the good political and economic institutions in Denmark. He urged developing nations to emulate Denmark – stable, democratic, peaceful, prosperous, inclusive and low levels of political corruption. The goal is to achieve a well functioning society.

Wish and pray Tan Sri Muhyiddin will lead the nation to prosperity. It is time to heal and build the nation.