Commitment to a Social Cause

 Commitment to a Social Cause

The world is a global village. A few years ago, I was invited by the legendary American Indian Professor Bala of Kellogg’s to speak at his Indian facility, the Great Lakes Management Institute. The institution designed to provide quality management education brought together multi-disciplinary teams.

It was through him that I met Professor Sridhar and one of India’s leading actors Ms Gautami. During the start of the Covid 19 pandemic crisis, she spoke at a University of Cyberjaya webinar. She emphasized the need for Life Again, which forms the core of her work. She survived a cancer scare in 2004 and since then has devoted considerable time to health awareness campaigns and education.

As she says Bhavabhuthi, the 13th century Sanskrit poet recognized that Karuna or pathos is essential for ethos, emotional and transformative mind. I remember Prof Ranjay Gulati of Harvard talking about logos, pathos, and ethos for sustainable leadership.

Finally met both of them on my recent trip to Chennai, India.

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