I want to create beautiful things.

Good design has little to do with trends.

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In Kolkata, India – Misty, Cold and Smoggy yet Sunny

My first overseas trip in 2023. This is also my first trip to the cultural capital of India. Kolkata, known as Calcutta during the British…

Stuck in the Middle – Second Episode: Adam Grant’s book – Think Again

Welcome to the second episode of the podcast. There are many times when we find ourselves in ambivalent positions. Stuck in the Middle explores psychological…

UKM: Palan Conferred Honorary Doctorate

As a teenager, I was left to navigate the uncharted waters of life by the untimely demise of my father. Hitchhiking a ride from the…

UKM: Palan Conferred Honorary Doctorate

The National University of Malaysia (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) confers an Honorary Doctorate (Entrepreneurship Education) on Tan Sri Dato Dr. Palan, today (26th November 2022).

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